3 Tips on How to Survive the Holidays with a Mental Disorder.

Find Support

Some symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be symptoms of depression or anxiety. If you are a person with a mental illness, it is crucial that you ask for help to talk to someone. Talk to a therapist. Talking to a therapist is an opportunity for you to get support. They can provide you with sound advice on how to cope with your symptoms and what to do when you require help. They can also help you find other professionals to speak to so that you can get the support that you require. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your symptoms, seek support so that you can receive advice and assistance.

Set Priorities

Many people with mental illness do not have control over their symptoms and make inappropriate choices due to their emotional symptoms.

Give yourself time

Feeling lonely during the holidays can be even more painful if you suffer from any mental illness, including depression and anxiety.

Think about how long you've been in treatment. And if it's been less than six months, it may be time to start giving yourself a break. If you haven't been in therapy for six months, it might be time to go back to therapy.

Dr. Heather Lamm, a psychologist, provides some tips for dealing with depression during the holidays.

Loneliness and depression increase during the holidays because there are social events, family gatherings, and work obligations, Dr. Lamm told New Mexico Living. If you've been feeling lonely during the holidays, start preparing yourself now, so you can have a happier holiday season.

Take care of yourself

“Adopting a healthy routine at this time of year can help with issues like a full schedule, fatigue, and depression. Physical exercise and eating well can all help manage stress,” said O'Connor.

Having a healthy diet and spending time exercising will help with mental health issues. If exercise doesn't always happen for you, try this calming activity or activity you can do with the family or in your downtime to help you manage these issues. Getting your body moving and doing things you enjoy, even if they are small, can be an important part of managing these issues," she added.

Remember that mental illness is a fact of life for millions of Americans. It's significant to acknowledge and accept that this can occur during the holidays when we are around family and friends.

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